Happy Day-Before V-Day!

Happy February 13th! I know this post should really be done ON Valentine's Day, but I have a feeling all you nearly-weds are going to be out gallavanting with your sweeties tomorrow night, so best to post now! Besides ... I just finished making these cute-yet-simple valentines to give to my students tomorrow, and thought you all might want a tiny peek ... no? Well, I'll show them to you anyways!

Aren't they adorable? I wanted to do something different than the typical valentine, and wound up with these little guys. What do you think?

Have a romantic evening tomorrow, whatever you're doing!


Darling Dresses

I recently got the chance to look at some of the amazing products Keli Bridal here in Calgary has, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only do they have gorgeous custom-made wedding gowns, but they also sell numerous wedding "extras", of which I found a number of favorites. The ones that really caught my eye, however, were their mini-bridesmaid dress sachets .... merely for their "oh how cute" factor!

These adorable tiny dresses are handmade in Portugal, and are filled with ever-elegant jasmine. They come complete with the hanger and dainty pearl necklace at the top, and are available in 42 different colors (so no excuses! You'll definetely be able to find your girls' colors here!).

Wouldn't they look simply gorgeous wrapped up as part of a gift package for your ladies?

$18 each. Rack is $20 & holds 6 dresses.

all photos courtesy of Keli Bridal