Why, We'd Be Delighted ...

I'm proud to say that my little blog has been selected by Delightful Blogs to be added to their blog directory (how many times can you use the word "blog" in a sentence?). This is noteworthy news because Delightful Blogs is renowned for being highly selective in whom they list. With the motto "cutting through the blog smog", Delightful Blogs is a directory of more than 1200 stylish blogs that have been hand selected, reviewed and rated. I've been a fan of their site for a while, and am even moreso since recently stumbling upon their sister-site, A shopping-maven's dream, ladies. A shopping-maven's dream.

Since we're on the topic of websites I'm proud to be listed on .... I can't believe I forgot to mention that the lovely folks at People magazine on-line (People Weddings, officially) have listed "I Love Weddings" as one of only seven "Sites that we're loving". What an honour!

Hmm, husband better be careful ... with all these accolades, his wife could become a diva-in-the-making.

Now where's that damned Perrier I ordered?


I Love Etsy

I do. I really, really do.

For those who don't know what "Etsy" is, think "Ebay for Indie Designers". Its awesome. Everything listed is handcrafted by one talented little company or another, which means SUPER-unique. I spend most of my free time drooling over items listed for sale, dreaming of the day I can somehow incorporate them into my life.

I must admit, part of why I'm always snooping on Etsy is because I plan on launching my own petite store there in the fall. But not yet. Definetely not yet. Too busy, too busy to take on any new clients right now, but dans Septembre ....

(not sure why I'm in such a French mood this afternoon. Je m'excuse)

Some recent, wedding-potential finds that might pique your interest:

Your "Something Blue" by NovemberRoseAtelier

Funky magnet favours by StarryEyedStudios

Sweet-smelling Cupcake Soaps by Epicurious


Welcome To Wifeville

Come on, admit it .... you can't wait to be called "wife". Don't take shame in feeling this way -- its a rite-of-passage that most women go through at some point in their life. And I'm not going to lie to you -- it feels GREAT the first time your new husband introduces you as his "wife"! Tingle-down-your-spine FANTASTIC! But why do we so often feel ashamed to admit this very fact? Why do we not instead luxuriate in the pure splendor of finally finding someone to call our own?

Enter, a fab website that appreciates the need to celebrate this feeling. Wifeville sells funky t-shirts, aprons, lounge pants, underwear, bikinis and more, all with witty tounge-in-cheek sayings on them such as "Wife, Sweet Wife", "Wonderwife", and "Wife Gone Wild". Perhaps a bit over the top, but hey! This is a celebration of YOU! Imagine the first time you get to throw on one of these little numbers ...

My favorite part about Wifeville was the website itself --- quirky, female-powered, and oh so uplifting! With short notes from the "mayor", welcome announcements to "new townies", and a list of "town rules" (#1. No Bad Hair Days; #7. No Empty Toilet-Paper Rolls), Wifeville is a place unto my own heart.

The best part --- they DO ship to Canada!

*all photos courtesy of*


An Eye-Opening Read, To Say The Least ...

I recently finished an interesting little read that I thought you ladies might want to know about. Bachelor Party Confidential: A Real-Life Peek Behind The Closed-Door Tradition is exactly what the title says-- an information-packed book for all us ladies who've wondered, even just a little, what really goes on at these testosterone extravaganzas. All I can say after reading this is, if you weren't suspicious before .... Just kidding. Kindof.

Author David Boyer has done a stupendous job of collecting first-hand annonymous accounts of the various goings-on that happen at the infamous Stag. Stories are told by the grooms who go to 'em, brides who worry about 'em, and strippers who work 'em, plus countless other snippets of historical anecdotes and more. A fun-yet-informative sociological look at the past, present, future and world-views of the event, Bachelor Party Confidential was a real eye-opener! Hubs was definetely sweating under the collar a few times as I regaled him with my new-found information and questioning attitude.

This book would be a great pre-Stag gift for your fiance ... it says You're-about-to-marry-a-pretty-cool-chick-who-knows-what-could-potentially-go-on-at-your-stag-but-still-trusts-you-enough-to-be-ok-with-your-going while also hinting (just a touch!) at so-if-you-screw-this-up-I'll-have-you-for-breakfast. Nothing like invoking the fear of death in them ...

David Boyer also has a great site dedicated to this very topic at On it, you can post comments or (god forbid) photos of the esteemed event, so make sure you check it out!


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy mother's day to my mom and all the other mother's out there. If you haven't done it already, make sure you give the woman you call mom a call/hug/gift/million dollars, and thank her for putting up with your bridezilla-esq moments these past few months (come on, admit it .... you know there's been a few .... remember that little "incident" with the caterer? Yah, NOW you remember).

During my own wedding planning, both my mom and mother-in-law stood by me as a shoulder to cry on, a resource to go to with ideas and, lets face, it pure, unadulterated slave labour. My wedding would not have been what it was without both of their help. And hell, I guess I wouldn't even be here if good 'ole Judy hadn't dragged me around inside of her for 9 months (actually, I was more than two weeks overdue, so sorry about that too, mom. I guess my lateness problems go back to the womb). So here's my gift to you, mother-of-my-heart ... everlasting fame with a photo of us together in my blog. Now that I've revealed what you look like, the paparazzi should be at your door any moment ..... Just kidding. But here's a pic of the simple little card I whipped up to give to my mom today:

I know, I know, I know that I was extremely lucky in that both my mom and my MIL were on the same wave-length as me for wedding ideas so we never actually had any issues. And I know that many of you ladies think that moms-and-weddings shoulnd't be in the same sentence, but here's the thing. Regardless of what craziness transpires between you and your beloved mother while planning your wedding, keep this in mind -- she is only acting this way because she truly, dearly wants you to have an amazing wedding day. Honestly. Perhaps her ideas are a bit off, perhaps you two are fighting like cats and dogs, but she really does just want everything to be perfect.

So go on, give her a hug, give her a card, give her something to say "Thanks"


A Little Something For The Registry

By now, most of you will have heard of the new Tassimo Hot Beverage Systems that began selling in Canada last year after three successful years in Europe. An innovation of Kraft Foods, Tassimo is a five-in-one hot beverage system combining the benefits of a high quality espresso machine, cappuccino machine, coffeemaker and tea kettle into one easy-peasy little package. It looks super-sleek on the kitchen counter, will astound and amaze your guests (always important!), and brews up some mean drinks.

Why am I spouting off about this little machine? Because I recently purchased one, and oh! J'adore!

Tassimo works by using "T-Discs", small pod-like containers that contain precisely measured amounts of your drink of choice. Just insert the T-Disc, select a cup and press the button! Tassimo’s "smart technology" reads the bar code printed on the T-Disc and automatically calculates the amount of water needed, brewing time and temperature. Once you push the button, you can brew your choice of hot beverages in about one minute. An inverse flow of filtered water guarantees optimal flavour extraction. The best part? All the brewing happens inside the T-Disc, so you can brew a different beverage immediately afterwards with virtually no flavour transfer! You'll be like a regular Starbucks, whipping up a hot chocolate for your friend, a cappuccino for your husband, and an earl grey for yourself ... all in less then five minutes. Craziness!

Like I said, I love mine. I wish I had had the forsight to put it on my registry when I got married, but it had just come out and I wanted to see how it did in the market first (you can never be too sure!). Of course, I started kicking myself for not listing it mere hours after my gift opening when I realized I was doomed to merely offering plain 'ole coffee to house guests as opposed to luxurious hot drinks-of-choice-at-the-touch-of-a-button. Damn you, my you-can-never-be-too-careful attitude, damn you! I eventually bought one on my own (of course), and its been a mainstay in my kitchen ever since. I used to only purchase the items available at my local grocery store, but recently discovered that you can also buy them online directly from , which opened up a wealth of new flavours to try.
Simply put, this is a fab machine. And at approximately $199 CND each, its not going to look ridiculously over-priced on your registry, either. Win-win, ladies. Win-win.

Wedding Candy & Eye Candy

Ooo, ooo, ooo! Jen at Indie Fix just sent me a note letting me know that she's put together a summer indie wedding guide she thought my delightful readers would be interested in. I took a peek and YOU WILL!

Everything Jen lists is truly fabulous. There are ideas for brides, grooms, those in the wedding party and even wedding guests. The big bonus: absolutely everything is handmade! As someone who handmakes all my invitations & products, I'm always keen to support others who do the same.

Below are a few of my favs from her listing:
Little Flower Designs
ummm .... how gorgeous is this?!Mohop shoes

My Favorite Mirror

Dyed in the Wool Designs

Our favorite cake top designer, Nicole W. Clark, also makes an appearance on the list. Yay, Nicole!

To get truly inspired, check out the full listings at Indie Fixx's summer indie wedding guide.

*all above photos courtesy of Indie Fixx*

On a seperate note, I was excited to discover that my at-home reception photographer, Lloyd from Night and Day Photography, posted a beautiful picture and blush-enhancing review of my work on his blog. I only recently got around to sending thank you cards to my wedding vendors (oops ... but when they're all hand-crafted, I guess its ok if it takes a little longer! Right?), so he received his not too long ago.

The photo of the invitation I've pilfered from his site does not do his work justice (due to the pixelation-bashing its receiving on my end!). He did incredible work at our reception -- we've had so many compliments on the photos taken, and have made numerous referrals to him since. As an up-and-coming photographer in Alberta he's doing phenomenally well, and his talent is still growing! If you're on the hunt for a photographer, make sure you check out his site at .

Its unfortunate that hubs doesn't like me posting pics of him, or I'd show a few that Lloyd took.

Oh, what the hell ... maybe just four

*all photos courtesy of Night and Day Photography*