Party Girl

As most of you know, I likes me a good party. I enjoy the time spent searching for those perfect detail items, love planning design & layout features, and have nights filled with dreams of colour swatches. Seriously.

However, I know there are many of you out there who desire similar effects with more minimal effort. Jobs, life, and other parties can often get in the way of planning your OWN soiree, which can really dampen the fun of the whole thing.

Enter Social Couture, a fab company out of the States that sell a multitude of coordinated, mod "theme party" kits. Though I know this kind of thing has been tried by other companies before, Social Couture does such an amazing job at it! I fell in lust with nearly all their designs -- everything is included (and I mean everything ... if moss was used to decorate a vase, it comes with the kit. No searching around for half the items to make it look like it did on the website), and all their items are so, well, hip. The creations look like they stepped off the pages of InStyle magazine. Very oo-la-la. Lisa and Colleen, the two lovely ladies who started the company, are doing a ridiculously incredible job.

Social Couture does ship to Canada, and you won't find their prices horrendous, either. Pass this info along to your friends and bridesmaids -- a girl as delicious as yourself deserves a party of the same caliber!

*and seriously, HOW fabulous would their Hollywood Glam pack be for an Oscar party?*

*all images courtest of Social Couture*


Back from Vacation!!!

I'm back, back, back from my AMAZING trip to South-East Asia! While touring that part of the world I was, of course, thinking of you fabulous readers 100% of the time .... or maybe I was just soaking up the brilliant heat & sun. Either way, I'm back, I've got ideas for the next few columns, and I'd like to say a heartfelt "Thank You!!!" if you've somehow managed to find your way back to this little blog after such an extended abscence.

I'll get to weddings in the next post, of course, but as promised, here are a few pics of my travels

Grand Palace, BangkokNorthern Thailand

Karen tribe girl (Northern Thailand)

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam

a common sight in Vietnam

the Mekong River

River boy

The Killing Fields, Cambodia

Ankgkor Wat, Cambodia after a rain

novice monk sketching at Angkor Thom Ankgor Thom facesKoh Samui, Thailand
And a few pics of yours truly, only because if I don't, I'll get a bunch of emails asking why not:

Handing out toys to a remote hilltribe in Northern Thailand

Posing by a waterfall (no explanation necessary, I guess) Getting scammed in Vietnam (loong story) Having fun with children at the Hoi An orphanage (hubs in background, children taking photo) My relaxed pose with a 9 foot python Testing out an M-16 (I think) The classic "tourist in front of Angkor Wat" pic And my all-time favorite, taken at Angkor Wat

Well, thats about it for now. If you made it through all these pics, then bravo for you! Until next time .... here's one last one:

I don't think those children are wearing seatbelts

*all photos taken by & courtesy of Andra Coulter and/or her husband. Please do not use without their direct permission*