I'm Back!

Lord, have I been gone long! What with taking possession of and moving into our new home (LOVE it), getting hit hard with a wicked cold, and falling smack-dab into the middle of my busiest time of year .. well, its been hard to get to blogging. Oh, and becoming the proud owner of Guitar Hero III didn't help much, either (*side note: can ANYONE give me tips on how to defeat Lou on Medium? I'm stuck!). I'm not a video game person by anymeans, but if you haven't played this, you're missing out. Seriously!

Anyways, I'm back, and eager to get going. Lets hope there are a few of you left after my extended abscence!

I've been emailed by a ton of fantastic wedding companies as of late, all with fabulous products for your perusal. Over the next few weeks I'll highlight my favs from the bunch, as well as making a small contest announcement. Sadly, as it IS Easter Sunday, I've got family gatherings to get to ... as such, I'm going to leave you with two small tidbits:

First of all, just yesterday I stumbled across a fantabulous on-line store called . For anyone looking for highly unique items to list on a registry (or, hell, to simply purchase on your own), this is the place for you. Some are a bit out-there, all are completely different from anything you'll find in a store. I've got my sights set on a few things already ... now just to convince the husband. Here's a couple that caught my eye (apologies the pics are so small, but believe me .. these items are adorable!):

Tidbit #2: The lovely Amira, owner of Posh Productions (an event company located here in Calgary), emailed me a short while ago with a tip for all you ladies on your Big Day. According to Amira "A great product I use and also have in my [wedding] emergency kit is Wine Away. It's a product that gets red wine stains out of bridal gowns. It also works great on other fabrics and pretty much anything that you get red wine on. Fabulous buy and works wonders!" Amira also noted that bottles of this run $12 here in Calgary, and can be found in many wine stores. Thanks, Amira! Hopefully we'll be hearing more from her and Posh Productions over the next few months. In the meanwhile, please check out her brand-spanking new blog for tips directly from a wedding planner at

Thats all for now. Expect me to be back on my weekly (and, occasionally, bi-weekly) posting schedule from now on. Ta!

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