Back from the dead 2

Wow, no posts for almost five months, and then two posts in two days? I need to get my priorities straight ...

JUST noticed that the incredible Darcy Miller, editorial director at Martha Stewart Weddings, listed I Love Weddings as one of a small number of recommended wedding blogs over at The Bride's Guide on September 16th. Talk about an honour!

Kind regards for the recommendation, Darcy, and please keep up the good work!

Back from the dead

My goodness, taking a short break can sure get out-of-hand! I've been on a self-imposed exile from blogging for a number of months now, allowing me the chance to focus all of my energy on Epiphany Designs and my day job as a special needs teacher.

Quite honestly, I needed the break. I could see my blog posts dwindling the last half-of the year and recognized that it was time to allow a little more free-time for myself. Unfortunately that did not happen (even on my summer holiday break from teaching!) as my little invitation company is resoundingly taking off . Yay! The past few months at Epiphany Designs have been spent working with new clients, seeing my first ad in print in a bridal magazine, and even being featured in a full-page article in my former college's alumni magazine (see page 23 for the on-line version).

I also had the honour of designing the invitations for BOTH of my sibling-in-laws (thats a word, right?). Both are getting married at destination weddings, and Jamie & I are ridiculously excited to attend!

My sister-in-law Lindsay and her fiance Barclay
Kelowna, Bristish Columbia

My brother-in-law Justin and his fiancee, Tracy (who I am also a bridesmaid for!)
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Stay tuned for pictures of both weddings once they happen!

I also did a design this summer for a client of mine that I loved the look of so much I "borrowed" for my own Big Day coming up:
Yes, you read right ... the big 3-0 is just around the corner. As Jamie likes to remind me, I'm entering cougar territory for sure!

Thats about it for now. I'm back, I'll be doing my best to blog regularily again, and hopefully those of you who emailed wondering where I was are resting easier at night!

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