Just in Time for Valentine's Day -- A Boudoir Contest!!

Boudoir photoshoots are quickly becoming a de rigeur thing to do as a bride-to-be, and god knows, I love things that are de rigeur. Please get the horrific image of tacky boas, strange lighting, and 80s-esq hair out of your head. "Boudoir pictures" are not like they were in years past. Now they're hip, sexy, modern, and fun. Yes, fun!

Nowadays, many reputable (re: non-sleazy) photographers are offering something called a "boudoir marathon" at local hotels or their studios. Marathons are an event where a number of clients are photographed in a single day at the same location (and yes, at different times!). This makes the cost of getting professional pics significantly less, which is a bonus for you!

Many brides-to-be are getting these gorgeous photos done in advance of their wedding day so they can provide their hubbies with a book of the images on their wedding night. Another idea is to give the images to your husband for your first-year anniversary, as "paper" is the traditional gift.

Of course, you aren't simply limited to these times in your life! Boudoir pictures, which are surprisingly empowering to have taken, offer an opportunity for you to feel amazing about yourself. Why do I know? Because I recently partook in a "boudoir marathon" hosted by fabulous photographer Erica Tait (see my new profile pic, right), and now I want to make sure ALL girls get a chance to feel as incredible as I did! Here's the best part -- you may even be able to get this experience for free.

Erica is hosting a Calgary-based boudoir marathon at the Hotel Arts on March 5, and if you're able to get there, she's offering a delightful, do-not-ignore opportunity: the chance to win a free session at this marathon, including high resolution files and a black silk album with 10 images (value of $495)!

A spot has been reserved on March 5th at 3pm but if a more convenient time/date is available (when Erica is in Calgary) you are free to switch. The applicant must be willing to approve images from their session to be displayed on her website and blog.

Now I know, as with all contests I tell you about, you're asking "Andra, HOW do I apply for this AMAZING opportunity?". Here goes:

Please submit a story of why you deserve a free sesssion to (use subject line "Free Calgary Boudoir") and include an image of youself. Both stories and images submitted for the contest will be posted on Erica's blog if you are a finalist. Entires will be accepted until February 5, which gives you, oh, about 3 days to get your act together, so get moving!

Ladies, I never thought I would have the guts to do something like this, but once the session started, it felt completely casual. Erica does a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable, and does an even better job of making you look amazing! To prove it -- here are two pics from my own session (eeek! I can't believe I'm posting these! But they're on her site anyways, so whats the harm ...)

These aren't even necessarily the best ones, simply the pictures I feel most comfortable posting for y'all! I wish I could show you more of the incredible ability Erica's has in capturing a woman's true beauty. Unfortunately, I only have access to my own shots and not those of her other clients, so please make sure you check out her gorgeous website for more images.

Well ladies, get on it! Once again, contest entries need to be in by February 5. Happy trying!

*images courtesy of Tait Photo*