LOVE it!!!

Ladies, if you've been looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift (or hell, a little-pick-me-up for yourself), look no further the Dogeared Jewels & Gifts. I am so ecstatic for this company now that I've been turned onto it (by a regular-reader-who-shall-remain-nameless-bc-she-purchased-from-Dogeared-for-her-own-bridesmaids-and-the-wedding-hasn't-happened-yet-and-she-would-probably-kill-me-if-I-gave-away-her-name-but-she-knows-who-she-is) -- I canNOT wait to inform Husband about this site.

Apparently I've been living under a rock because this company has been making waves in the celebrity and magazine world with its itty-bitty gorgeous charms. A hip little company based out of California, (but able to ship all over the world) Dogeared designs a slew of fab teeny jewels and trinkets that adorn delicate chains. I LOVE how they each come on an adorable card with words of motivation, love, friendship and more printed on them. Its super-easy to find gifts that will fit your bridemaids' personal style, their personality, AND your budget.

Below are a few of my favs (**ahem**cough cough** Husband take note **cough cough). Inspire yourself and check out their entire selection at

Aren't they truly fabulous? LOVE them all.

*all images courtesy of Dogeared Jewels & Gifts*

Your Wedding Muse

All you newly-ringed brides-to-be, listen up! I know you're absolutely chomping at the bit to get going on some wedding planning (and yes, I also know it doesn't matter if the wedding is 6 months or 6 years from now, you just want to do something!), so I've got a fabulous little site to start you on your way.

Muse Weddings is a free-to-use site that helps you organize, categorize, and budget-ize to your hearts content. The best part? Its actually good. Did you hear me? Its GOOD.

Thats right ladies. Toss the hastily-ripped-out-of-Martha-Stewart-Weddings "Planning Guide" you've been toting around in your purse for the past 3 months (admit it. You know you've got one.), and swap it for something thats actually efficient, organized, and nice to look at.

After peeking through the site today, I am thoroughly impressed with Muse Weddings' layout, ideas, and ease of use. It breaks your wedding planning down into logical categories (Tasks, Budgets, Ideas and Schedules), allowing you to organize to your heart's content. If you like making lists, this is the site for you. Its FABULOUS and FREE (the 2 "F's" of I Love Weddings).

Take a look at it, use it, and experience the zen-like feeling of knowing that everything is going to be all right.

*image courtesy of Muse Weddings*


Thank You, Brides!

A big thank you to all the fabulous brides who stopped by the Epiphany Designs booth at the Calgary Wedding Fair today. I enjoyed getting to speak with many of you personally, and only hope I was able to answer your questions as completely as possible.

I look forward to working with many of you in the near future! Now for some rest and relaxation ...

*image courtesy of Epiphany Designs*


Epiphany Designs Favorite Invitations of 2007

I rarely post pictures of my own work, but my invitation company, Epiphany Designs, will be one year old this Monday. One year!! Thats right, the Calgary Wedding Fair in 2007 was our big "coming out" party, and now its time to celebrate.

Seeing as this is such a momentous occasion, I've compiled a few pictures of some of my favorite invites Epiphany Designs created over the past year. These are all favs for various personal reasons, but they're all beautiful in their own way. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

*all images property and courtesy of Epiphany Designs. Copyright protected*


The How-To's of Bridal Fairs

Christine over at Think Like A Bride has recently posted some ridiculously helpful tips about navigating the ins-and-outs of bridal fairs which I, in an act of pure, unadulterated kindness, am passing along to you. I am also passing along the link to my blog post from last year titled "Are You Ready For Wedding Fair Season?", which has some of the same, and a little of the different (?).

Across North America, January is the big month for wedding shows. If you have never been to one before and are at all considering going, I beg of you PLEASE read at least one of the two posts listed above. It will save your sanity. Really. And perhaps arthritic-esq cramping of your writing hand. Don't know what that last reference was about? Then read the article, for the love of all thats holy!

As a side note to all my local readers, my invitation company, Epiphany Designs, will once again have a booth at the Calgary Wedding Fair next Sunday, January 20th. For show and ticket information please head to the wedding fair website,

Please feel free to stop by booth #130 (across from Blue Sky Limos) and have a chat!


BIG Contest Announcement!!!

... and when I say big, I mean BIG. (*totally random thought* -- isn't "BIG" an odd-looking word? I mean, really weird looking. Big. BIG. Short and ugly to look at. Kinda reminds me of a few ex-boyfriends, HEYO!! Anyways ....)

I got an email a few (well, more then a few ... apologies, Karen) days ago from the fantabulous Karen Gordon over at Karenscape Photographers. Why do I say fantabulous? Because this lovely lady is offering up a FANTABULOUS opportunity for you to get your wedding photography done for free. Thats right, FREE. And you get not one, not two, but three chances to win! Sounds exciting? Read on ...
Karenscape Photographers is giving away a free complete wedding photography package every four months in 2008 (thats three different opportunities to win, ladies). The wedding will personally be shot by Karen, bringing the total value to $9700 per wedding.

"Well Andra," you say, "this truly does sound fantabulous. But whats the catch?"

No catch, oh readers of I Love Weddings. None. Anyone, located anywhere in the world (Canadian girls, can I get a whoop-whoop!) may enter this contest. If you are not in the New York City area you will have to pay for the (reasonable) travel expenses. Thats all. So start entering!!

"But Andra," you say, "you haven't yet told us how to enter! Is it a random draw? What do I have to do?Please, I'm begging of you, tell us!"

This is NOT a random draw. Karenscape is searching for the most romantic, serendipitous, poignant, funny, and inspiring stories of how you found the one (and lets hope you're talking about your dearly-betrothed). To enter, you must create a 3-minute-or-less video relaying your story; upload it to and send them an email. Be as creative as you'd like! For full contest entry details, please visit and click on the "Win a Free Wedding" link.

Have fun, ladies! And if any of you wind up entering this contest, I would love to see your You Tube uploads!

*image courtest of Karenscape Photographers*


Fab Resource List

How appropriate that my first post of 2008 should be a fantastic list of resources for your upcoming wedding?

I just received a note from Amy about this fabulous resource posted at the Bootstrapper blog: "The Bride-to-be's Toolbox: 100 Online Tools and Resources to Affordably Have the Wedding of Your Dream". Essentially, this is a huge, ginormous (is that a word?) list of cost-effective strategies for your wedding.

I am in awe. All I keep thinking is that gathering all this information must have taken forever! Absolutely any question you could think of will be answered by this list, as well as giving you tips and tricks to try for your own Big Day. Each link has a short writeup beside it so you know if its something you would be interested in reading or not. Just a sample of some of the clicks:

Seriously, bookmark the page, sit back, and start absorbing the information.

BTW, happy New Year ladies! I hope its a good one for you.