Good Graffiti

Stumbled across this litte nugget while on a wedding forum I habitually frequent. Its an idea for your wedding thats truly unique ... graffiti. But in a good way.

Wonderful Wedding Graffiti is a company that sells removable vinyl decals for your big day. These little numbers can be put just about anywhere -- behind the head table, on the dance floor, in the church (if they allow it), on the entrance doors, on the get-away car .... the list goes on and on (seriously. Take a look at the website for more ideas). Quotes and monograms are their specialty, and costs are relatively low. What a great way to personalize your reception location!

Wonderful Wedding Graffiti also sells banners, small decals to personalize your rental wine glasses, and more. Oh, and don't even get me STARTED on the fab ideas they have for your home. I'm seriously planning on buying one for the laundry room of my new house. They're THAT cute.

This is another love, love, LOVE it idea that I wish I'd known about for my wedding. Damn it.

*all photos courtesy of Wonderful Wedding Graffiti*


Baby Fever

I know it's not wedding-related, but I hosted a baby shower this afternoon and all the DIY details turned out so well I thought I'd post a few pics (for inspiration's sake only -- I swear I'm not a publicity whore. Well, maybe just a little. Hmm ... who'd ever thought you'd see the word "whore" in a baby shower post?)


Personalized glass charms (can't call them "wine charms" when there's no wine to be seen!)

Magnet favours

The Baby Guessing Game --- pics of shower guests and celebrities as babies, then you have to guess who's who.

The ubiquitous Diaper Cake -- a baby shower must.


Next week I'm hosting a bridal shower for my good friend Mandy, so stay tuned for "Showers by Andra -- Part Deux".

I know. I'm not busy enough.