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Ooo, ooo, ooo! Jen at Indie Fix just sent me a note letting me know that she's put together a summer indie wedding guide she thought my delightful readers would be interested in. I took a peek and YOU WILL!

Everything Jen lists is truly fabulous. There are ideas for brides, grooms, those in the wedding party and even wedding guests. The big bonus: absolutely everything is handmade! As someone who handmakes all my invitations & products, I'm always keen to support others who do the same.

Below are a few of my favs from her listing:
Little Flower Designs
ummm .... how gorgeous is this?!Mohop shoes

My Favorite Mirror

Dyed in the Wool Designs

Our favorite cake top designer, Nicole W. Clark, also makes an appearance on the list. Yay, Nicole!

To get truly inspired, check out the full listings at Indie Fixx's summer indie wedding guide.

*all above photos courtesy of Indie Fixx*

On a seperate note, I was excited to discover that my at-home reception photographer, Lloyd from Night and Day Photography, posted a beautiful picture and blush-enhancing review of my work on his blog. I only recently got around to sending thank you cards to my wedding vendors (oops ... but when they're all hand-crafted, I guess its ok if it takes a little longer! Right?), so he received his not too long ago.

The photo of the invitation I've pilfered from his site does not do his work justice (due to the pixelation-bashing its receiving on my end!). He did incredible work at our reception -- we've had so many compliments on the photos taken, and have made numerous referrals to him since. As an up-and-coming photographer in Alberta he's doing phenomenally well, and his talent is still growing! If you're on the hunt for a photographer, make sure you check out his site at http://www.nightanddayphoto.ca .

Its unfortunate that hubs doesn't like me posting pics of him, or I'd show a few that Lloyd took.

Oh, what the hell ... maybe just four

*all photos courtesy of Night and Day Photography*


Lacey said...

Ooh, I really like those flowery plates at the top of the post! Pretty

Saving up for a wedding

HamiHarri said...

Hey! I really like the mirrors, but when I checked out their site I had a hard time seeing if they shipped to Canada...do you know? Thanks!

Andra said...

Hamiharri ... yup, they sure do ship to Canada! PLUS (plus!) they list five seperate stores in Canada who also carry their products! Go to the "help" section, then click on "Where to by MFM", and scroll down near the bottom for locations.